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The Android OS vs the iOS6 - which is Superior?

Apple verses Android, the two most widely used mobile operating systems on the market today, are vying to be number one. The newest OS for Apple is the iOS6 Siri; Android's newest OS is the 4.2 Jelly Bean. So which one is superior? Which one has the best features, and which one will blow away the competition this year?

Apple Versus Android: The Differences

When is comes to mobile OS, Apple and Android have been doing battle in the electronic, wireless market for years, each coming out with their own versions of mobile devices. The Android Jelly Bean came out last summer, shortly before iOS6 Siri by Apple. In comparing the two, each has its similarities, as wells as it's pros and cons.
Some neat and exciting features of the iOS6 Siri include:
  • Facebook integration
  • Easier podcast search
  • Enhanced panorama view on the camera. In additions, select photos from the Photos app, tap the Share button, choose who you want to share your photos with, and they’re on their way to a certain audience.
  • Plus, Apple has integrated their own mappingiPhoneSiri software, which means no more Google Maps, but Apple also offers free drive-by-drive directions. Apple's map graphics and text are incredibly detailed. Tilt and rotate to view an area, and Maps keeps the names of streets and places where they belong. Get visual and spoken turn-by-turn navigation and real-time traffic updates.
  • A user can also put the iPhone in the "Do not disturb" mode, so it basically takes your phone off the hook, for set periods of time, without needing to shut if off.
  • Siri also has a voice-activated virtual assistant, who can make OpenTable Reservations for local dining, let you know which movies are playing at the local theater, and give accurate directions, as well as speak sport's scores and standings.
  • Passbook - boarding passes, movie tickets, retail coupons, loyalty cards, and more are now all in one place.
  • Offers a VIP treatment for certain email contacts, whose messages stay on top of incoming mail


The Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is sleek, speedy and smooth. Some great features include:
  • Faster navigation and orientation changes
  • More reactive and uniform touch responses
  • To improve battery life, the Jelly Bean turns down your device's CPU when not in active use, and vice-versa, boosts the CPU, when in active mode.
    jellybean new logo
  • Gesture Typing – just glide your finger over the letters you want to type.  Jelly Bean also offers a blind person to navigate the UI, using not only touch and swipe gestures, but also speech output. A user can also get full support accessibility services for Braille.
  • It also offers language support for Arabic and Hebrew, as well as bidirectional texts to assure the platform is more accessible to more people around the world. In fact, it supports eighteen new input languages, such as Thai, Hindi and Persian, as well as other Indic languages.
  • Snap pictures in every direction - photo spheres that put you right inside the scene. A user can also view the whole photo in MMS mode and preview a photo in notifications, after taking a shot.
  • Multiple user support - Everyone can have their own homescreen, background, widgets, apps and games. Android was built with multitasking at its core, so it’s a snap to switch between users – no need to log in and out.  Available only on tablets.

Which One is Superior?    

Both the Apple iOS6 and the Android Jelly Bean OS have their perks, and by market standards, have improved greatly upon design, navigation and features. In getting rid of Google's apps, the iOS6 no longer has YouTube, and Google Maps, which could pose a problem with users, since they use the app quite a bit. In fact, You Tube is the most popular video website worldwide. So, in terms of usability and reliability, the iOS6 has some good features, but the Jelly Bean OS seems to be much more exciting, with enhanced features and some truly innovative elements to it. Plus, it seems Apple is trying to catch up with Android by offering features, such as Panorama pictures, which Android already had available. Facetime is also much better on the Android than Apple. Google+ Hangout features seem more superior , since they let the user see live streams of everyone in a hangout, letting you chat with up to nine people at once. Considering all the added features and apps, Google's Android Jelly Bean MAY be a far superior choice than the Apple iOS6...?  But tell that to an Apple lover!!  


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