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Back to School...Does your High Schooler Need an iPad?

There are so many people who can benefit from an iPad. Your high schooler is no exception.

It can be hard for kids to concentrate when they have to sit in school and listen to teachers all day long, speech and language pathologist Michelle Hersch notes in an email.

"With iPad's it makes learning more engaging and fun and probably helps their focus,"  says Hersh who works for Meyer and Middleton schools in Skokie, Illinois.

Purchase an iPad and your son or daughter will immediately have a tool to organize his or her busy schedule and become more focused and efficient iPad Calendarwith time. Students can also use iPads to download textbooks, communicate with peers and teachers and complete classwork assignments.  Not to mention, iPads can help them learn cornerstone educational concepts like chemistry or trigonometry.

With iPad in hand, your teen can visit the App store and download one or all of the following apps to make their high school life just that much more successful ... and fun!
  • The Chemical Touch:

This is a great app for learning chemistry.  Students can explore the periodic table in terms of the elements that comprise it and its chemical trends. When you touch an element brings, that calls up a Wikipedia entry which provides more complete information about its properties. This app costs $0.99 and is available for iOS devices.

  • Evernote Peek:

Making flash cards can be time consuming, but we all know how helpful they are for learning and retaining educational content.  This app takes the work out of designing flash cards. Best of all, it's free!

  • Frog Dissection

If your teen iPad Frog Dissectionloves science, but hates the mess, he can let his lab partner do the dirty work and still pass with flying colors. This program shows you everything you need to know about a frog's anatomy. $3.99

  • Graphing Calculator:

A real graphing calculator is a necessary tool for anyone who wants to pass calculus, but it is expensive.  Try this app instead for only $2.99 and your child will have the tools she needs to succeed in high level math.

  • Easel SAT Prep Lite:

Rather than paying hundreds of dollars for an SAT prep course for your son or daughter, consider investing in this app. Easel iPad App

It includes 25 sample test questions and a "show me" feature which outlines the process for coming to the correct answer.  Free


According to Hersh, iPads provide a "multi-sensory" approach to learning.  The iPad works particularly well for students who are visual learners meaning that they do better when they can see and touch things then when they are just listening to an instructor.

If your High School had an iPad on his or her wish list for Christmas but didn't get one, perhaps there is room to consider one as an effective learning tool.  They are not cheap, but the investment will pay off in spades when your child loves doing homework, is constantly coming up with innovative ideas  -  and most importantly continues to stay excited about learning.




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