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How a Tablet can Make Holiday Shopping Easy


The holidays fill our calendars with exciting events: parties, concerts, gift exchanges, and family visits. With those events, though, come the many preparation tasks associated with them, and for most people, the largest of those tasks is shopping. While shopping can be a fun leisure activity at times, the sheer length of holiday shopping lists can render it stressful during this season. A tablet is the perfect tool to help you manage and mitigate your never-ending task list during this shopping crunch time. Here are four ways that you can use a tablet to help you finish (or perhaps start) your holiday shopping:

  • Centralize everything in one location: Say goodbye to digging through piles of papers and sticky notes in search of the right list at the right time. With a tablet, everything you need for the holidays is neatly stored in one place: meal plans, recipes, grocery lists, gift ideas, sizes, and even coupons. You can update the lists as you purchase items to help you visualize your progress.
  • Shop sales efficiently: If you want to score the best deals this season, there is no need to trek from store to store in search of the best price. Once you find an item you want to purchase, you can do a quick price check by using price checker apps or you can simply flip through a few online ads. It is easy to peruse websites and online flyers on larger tablet screens, so you won’t be burdened by tiny letters and technical difficulties with the screen display. If you find the exact item you need, you can even skip the trip to the desired store and order it online right away!
  • Stay on budget: A tablet provides instant mobile access both to your bank account and to budget apps that are helpful for monitoring spending, especially during busy times. When you have a flurry of trips to make, it is easy to lose track of what you are spending, and this just causes more stress. With only a few taps after each purchase, you can rest assured that you are staying on budget (or are aware of exactly how much you are going over budget) for your holiday purchases.
  • Increase productivity: The holidays bring long lines to stores; why not be productive while you wait in them? Use those 10 or 20 minutes in line to update task lists, pay bills, send emails, or even take a quick break to play a game or chat with friends. A tablet has everything you need to stay productive while on-the-go.

If you already own a tablet, then consider implementing these tips to make your holiday shopping a little easier this year. If you do not yet own a tablet, it is not too late to put one at the top of this year’s list or to buy yourself an early present! A tablet will help you stay organized during the busy holiday season, and the conveniences it provides can save you a great deal of time and trouble. So grab your tablet (and your car charger) and get ready to conquer your holiday shopping!

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5 Ways an iPad Kiosk can Improve Profits


Investing in a custom informational kiosk can be an expensive endeavor. The average cost of a secure, touch screen kiosk is $2,500 depending upon functionality. But the advent of the iPad has changed this marketplace. For a minimal investment, you can secure your iPad in a kiosk framework, run your informational app, and track user data and more for a fraction of the custom kiosk price.

Here are 5 ways an iPad kiosk (or other tablet) can help your business grow...


1. Build Your Customer Base

Increase your brand following and exposure to increase your customer base and therefore profits with an iPad kiosk at your place of business.
  • Social media interaction via an iPad kiosk: Customers or potential customers can “Like” you on facebook, Tweet about your product or services at the point-of-sale. The same goes for the multitude of differing social media outlets.

  • Contests: “Register Here to Win” – Add signage to your iPad kiosk and use it to collect data for marketing purposes to increase customer base.

  • Trade shows: Increase customer base via an iPad kiosk with interactive applications or data collection for future marketing campaigns

2. Use Innovative Technology

It seems most people are enamored with the iPad and want to get their hands on one! Make it easy with an iPad kiosk at your establishment.
  • Be in the “NOW”; Be in the “WOW”: Make a lasting impression on your customers with an iPad kiosk and they’ll be back for more consequently increasing profits!

  • Lightweight and portable: Position your iPad kiosk in strategic and consistent locations in your store. This will allow your technology to get the sale for you growing profits.

3. Engage your customer

Create customer interaction and greater brand awareness and to boost profits via an iPad kiosk.
  • Loyalty Rewards: Implement loyalty rewards programs to bring in repeat business

  • Trivia: Add fun, informational or educational material using an iPad kiosk

  • Connect: “Things to See and Do” – add signage to your iPad kiosk for added

    Glenmorangie at store

    attraction to your kiosk and application pointing potential customers to your products or services generating sales


Reduce paper waste and do the right thing!
  • Marketing Material : Marketing brochures, electronic coupons, electronic mail campaigns – create or purchase an off-the-shelf application for your iPad kiosk for marketing campaigns to heighten interest, create sales – all while saving the planet

  • Applications: Employment, Credit, Patient Check-in – these can be done electronically on your iPad kiosks eliminating excess waste, reducing paper and print costs, and escalating profits

5. Expedite Customer Service

Reduce customer wait times and see profits soar!
  • POS System: “Order Here, Pay Here!”, “Skip the lines and the wait”, Retail or Restaurant. Put an iPad kiosk in place - shrink wait times to improve sales and cultivate profits.

    Showcase Your Product: Display inventory, Not-in-Stock items, Product Lookup by item number or description, Shop all inventory in one place

Creating an iPad kiosk program for your brand can be a powerful and inexpensive way to engage the marketplace. The implementation is simple, affordable and the impact on your company can be substantial.

Look for our next ePaper:  5 More Ways an iPad Kiosk Can Further Increase Profits
coming 11/09/12…


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