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The Dynamic Kiosk is a an ideal solution for promoting our organization at sporting events and trade shows. We use IPad Kiosks and Handhelds at mountain bike races in remote and rugged locations. 

The Dynamic gives IMBA flexibility at events; we can use the kiosk as a stand-alone point-of-sale system, use it to augment staff presentations, and it doubles as a display during trade shows.

The IPad handhelds are amazingly useful at outdoor events. They allow our promotional staff to walk around processing payments and collecting contact information from event attendees. The handhelds really get noticed so they're great for displaying our logo too. People are often very impressed that we can process their transaction right on the spot using the handheld.

IPad Kiosks' customer service is exemplary—the ordering process is painless and follow up on any questions or concerns is immediate. Chris and Julie have installed kiosks for so many different applications and we definitely benefited from their suggestions during the design phase.

They easily paid for themselves at the first large event we attended, and in just six months we've brought thousands of new contacts into our organization and processed hundreds of payments using just one kiosk and the IPad handhelds. 

All the hardware is tough, easy to ship and assemble, and the design is well thought out for outdoor and indoor use.  

Rod Judd
IMBA Membership Manager



Kiosk walks into a pub.

Says to the bartender, "Gimme an iPad with Home button access!"

Bartender Says, "WIFI or 3G?"

Kiosk Says, "The one with the biggest BARS!"


What do you call two kiosks in a kloset?

A Kouple!


How do you keep a kiosk kleen?




How'd the kiosk get sticky?

Kotton Kandy!



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